The owners of about 1/3 of the nation’s Alberstons grocery stores are giving up on the notion of self-checkout lanes because store executives worry that shoppers aren’t getting enough human interaction during their Albertsons experience.
Some Albertsons Ditching Self-Checkout Lanes In Favor Of Humans
I predict that while Google will not usurp the throne from facebook per se, it will instead grow into a strong, competitive player and much-needed alternative. Much as Chrome has with IE. Where facebook has the larger, but no-longer dominant share. I predict that when this game is done playing, there will be no more thrones.
A dissatisfied ex-Googler looks at Google+ vs. Facebook
In fact, two days after Buzz went live, Google posted a blog entry bragging that “tens of millions” of people had checked it out, and created more than 9 million posts and comments.
Google Buzz Started Off Really Hot, Too

Porsche, the Road to Pikes Peak from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


A great article from one of my favorite marketing/innovation blogs, Metacool titled: Great marketing is a mouthpiece for the truth. Here’s an excerpt:

“As marketers we need to stop making myths and start finding ways to talk about the truth.  We each need to take an oath to the effect that, should we ever find ourselves locked in a conference room trying to whip up a value proposition statement to justify why consumers will buy the crap we’re so desperate to sell, we will each reach over and slap the person on our left in the face (gently) and then all exclaim in unison “let’s stop mythologizing and go out in the world to hear the truth it wants to tell us”.  It’s out there.  Go find it.  Porsche and Zwart have.  Great marketing is a mouthpiece for the truth.”

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